A little run

Happy Days!  I have a little secret.  I signed up for a 10 K with a friend for the 3rd week in May.  My tester 5K occurred 3 weeks go.  I did not do as well as I would have liked.  My official time was 39:09 and my pace averaged 12:36 per mile.  My goal was to run between 11:00 and 12:00 pace.  I ran below 12:00 mile until after the 2nd mile.  Woohoo!  And my body said that's it!  We are done.  I was completely done at about 2.5 miles which is the furthest that I have run this season.  So, for the 10k I now that I will have to run 6.2 miles prior to the race.  And I will have to do a couple of practice runs at tempo.  Now to motivate!  I will be using a modified Hal Higdon training plan.  

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