OOTD 4/26/12 - Purple haze

Purple haze
So, I received positive reviews at work on this outfit.  I am getting tired of wearing black these days!  It seems very heavy when going into spring.  But, these pants are my workhorse bottoms for my wardrobe and I have other slacks and skirts that I substitute in as needed.  So, I need to transition to my other colors (taupe, tan, beige, gray).  But what I am really craving is some color (green, citron, navy).  I do realize navy is a neutral.  But, I need some variety.  So, I am going to issue a challenge.  Let's try to use a color as a neutral and build an outfit around it.  I'll try it once a week for say a month.  And then go from there.  Hmmm ....This should be interesting.  Wish me luck.  Ciao!

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