Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday

 Today is a strange day.  No power due to a recent storm.  And I'm in the middle of a fun sports watching weekend.  This is challenging without power. :-)  Luckily, it is middle Sunday for Wimbledon - no games.  And I'll follow the final round of the AT&T National golf tournament via twitter and updates on line when I am in Starbucks.  Thank God for Starbucks!  Otherwise, I'll be running errands and preparing for the work week.  My gym is open, so I'll get an afternoon workout there.  I walked this morning with my mom.  But I need to make add some strength training into the mix.  I hope everyone is staying cool. 

So, I have recently revamped my shoe collection due to not one but two foot injuries!  The first occurred while running and the second is a foot causalty from wearing too many of the same types of shoes.   So, I need more stylish flat and low-heeled options that look as good as heels.  This will the first in a series of OOTDs.  I love these denim loafers.  I love loafers in general.  But these are comfy and lined with a soft leather.  The top is a find from the J.Crew factory store while visiting the beach a few weeks ago.  The shorts are from last year series but this style is still available in great colors on the J.Crew website.  Blue and green make such a great combination.  I love the braided belt and the canvas - denim of the shoe that shouts summer!  Happy July 1st!

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