Loving Navy

Loving Navy

I think that I will be returning to my one true love - the color navy.  There was a time when navy was my go to color.  Long before I realized that it was fashionable to where all black.  But I fell into the all-black trend with a vengeance.  Given that status of my social and love life at the time, black reflected my mood to a Tee.  But I was reading recently that navy is less harsh than black on certain skin tones.  And flipping through the fashion mags, it appears that navy is making a come-back!  I especially love navys that are so dark that they almost appear black.  Add that navy can be used as a neutral, is flattering on many people, and happens to be my favorite color.  I think that we have a winner for the wardrobe as I attempt to streamline my closet.  

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