Tennis, anyone?

Tennis, anyone?

I attended a tennis tournament with my BF yesterday!  We spent a wonderful time catching up, people watching and trying not to burn in the sun.  It was her first tennis tourney, so I was able to share with her my love for tennis which dates back to the days of Andre Aggasi and Pete Sampras!  Those were the days!  I definitely had more interest in the men's side of tennis.  But the women are wonderful also.  Stefi Graf, Monica Seles and Jennifer Capriati were awesome in their heyday.  I especially loved the quickness and cleverness of Martina Hingis.   The Williams sisters have always been a favorite of mine.  This tourney did not have such big names as there is another tourney in progress.  Maybe, you've heard of it - the 2012 Olympics!   All of my current faves are scheduled to play.  I need to catch up on the action there.  But it is always fun to see live tennis.  I hope that you had a great weekend. 

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