Farmers Market

Farmers Market

I love farmers' markets.  My favorites occur on a town square with lots of people milling about.  The food looks so scrumptious and juicy.  And people are generally happy and enjoying the day.  So, during a long weekend visiting friends in northern California, I will always suggest that we stop at the farmers' market.  It's a total win-win situation.  Great fresh food, support local businesses, spending time outside, meeting the neighbors and catching glimpses of kids having a ball.   
 I find that I am always cold when I visit northern California. The 25 degree F temperature difference might be part of my dilemma.  Regardless of the temperature, I always dress in layers.  Sometimes I feel a little ridiculous.  But I'd rather be warm; hence the layers.  The jacket is a closely resembles my Old Navy fleece from a few years ago. 

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