Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday

I spent a fun day meeting friends for brunch and having amazing crepes.  We all had variations of bacon or ham, brie cheese and eggs.  Gooey goodness, yum!  Then it was off to walk around the square for some window shopping.  We stopped at a bead shop that helps you make and finish projects!  Love them.  I re-created a bracelet that I purchased in the summer.  I really like both bracelets.  One is refined and the new one is very organic.  Both have a great mix of colors and stones that I love.  With all that hard work, it was decided that ice cream was in order.  And I indulged in one of my favorites - sweet cream and Oreo.  The remainder of the day was low key.  We made our very own dinner theatre with carry out and the movie, Whale Rider.  This movie still makes me tear up.  But it is a great movie of a young girl coming of age, tradition and realizing and appreciating the family that you have in front of you.  All in all a great day! 

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