I really love the pattern and colors of this sweater.  I believe that one should have a few go-to looks on hand for days when you feel uninspired or are short on time.  :-)  I have a problem picking out my clothes the night prior to wear.  I can't do it.  I have a mental block.  Then I panic because the weather forecast may change for the following day and what will I do then?  But the worse is just not liking what I chose.  That excuse does not fly, I love clothes.  And I pretty much love all of my clothes.  I just may not like how certain clothes look on me on any given day.  But that can happen in the night as well as in the morning.  Lol!  But I continually strive to choose my outfits ahead of time to shorten my morning routine.  Maybe if I choose my outfits one week at a time, this may take away some of the anxiety.

So let me pose a question.  When do you choose your daily outfits?

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