Today's OOTD.  My goal today was warm, breathable with a touch of color.  I am really in love with pencil skirts.  This may become my new signature piece.  I grew up as such a tomboy.  You would only find me in a skirt on Sundays and only for church.  But I really enjoy the flirty side of skirts.  And the lines of skirts are more flattering to my eye these days.  On a recent visit to my cousin (who only wears skirts and dresses), I starting wondering what my life would look like if I were to only wear skirts.   I was crushing on running skirts long before this visit.  And I am continually looking for ways to incorporate more dresses and skirts into my life.  I really love a good sheath dress.  So this may explain my fascination with a pencil skirt.  The shape and structure of a sheath on the bottom with more versatility in the upper half.   Mystery solved!  Do you have any favorite silhouettes or articles of clothing that you can not live without?

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