Movie Night

Movie Night

Spent a wonderful evening catching up with friends and viewing a movie featured at the American Film Institute for the Latin American film festival.  There are great movies to be seen.  If you are in the DC area it's worth a look.   This outfit came together with the thoughts of comfort, warmth and versatility.  The first goal is to always look chic.  I also needed a jolt of java prior to the movie to ensure that I would not take a nap during the film.   I have decided that I will play to my strengths this fall and stick with colors I love and ones that move me.  This is easy as navy blue is my favorite color.  Add grey, cream, rust/burnish orange, burgundy, purple, black and brown and my fall palette is complete.  I hope to talk about how I put together my outfits and concepts for my wardrobe. Some of it is haphazard, but I try to stay focused.  Let's explore together!

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