Why I blog about fashion?

I have a secret to tell you.  I love fashion!  I don’t try to hide this aspect of my personality.  But I have discovered that it is difficult to find folks who share my enthusiasm for fashion.  When I was a child, I loved playing dress up and imagining all the clothes that I could wear.   This turned into visions of modeling, which I pursued as a young adult.   Since modeling was not compatible with my long-term career goals, I now live vicariously through shows like America’s Top Model and Project Runway.

But knowing about fashion and perusing the fashion magazines is not enough for me.  I want to talk about fashion and discuss the reasons why wool is a better fabric than silk to use in the construction of a garment.  Or how ingenious CoCo Chanel was in using tweed (a serviceable and inexpensive material taken from her friend’s factory) to make her now signature suits for women.  What’s fun about fashion is that it is a topic that all women can discuss.  And discussing the pros and cons of one’s choice has great possibility since everyone’s approach to clothing and fashion is different. 

Chanel-inspired Tweed Jacket. Photo by Meanreds99

I would like to share my tips on clearly expressing one’s personal style.  A well-dressed woman always intrigues me whether she is wearing jeans or a ball gown.  There is a certain aura to a woman who is confident in her style.  This kind of confidence cannot be taught but once you uncover it within yourself, you’ll be unstoppable.   

So, this blog is a way to connect with like-minded fashionistas and to document my journey to becoming the well-dressed woman who turns heads for all the right reasons. 

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