Sparkling in Sequins

Sparkling in Sequins

The office holiday party occurred this week.  There was lots of anticipation buzzing about the office.  And there have been lots of chatter about the dos and don'ts for office parties on the airwaves this week.  I was trying to decide between this outfit and another dress that I have in my closet.   This outfit won because I was tired after work and could not deal with the thought of a dress when I was feeling cold.  I made the mistake of wearing 3 inch heels during the day and opted for a lower heel in the evening.  My intention was to wear flats during the day.  I was really excited to wear this blouse since I have not had an occasion to wear this top.  I am not a girl who is comfortable wearing sequins causally or during the day.  But I am glad that I purchased a light colored sequin top.  I usually gravitate to the darker colors in sequins.  But this works for some reason.  I opted for minimal jewelry with this outfit.  It's laid back but chic at the same time.  Mission accomplished.  What will you be wearing to the office party this year? 


  1. I am so impressed by 3 inch heels at work! Gorgeous outfit. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks, Spiffer. To be fair, I was wearing a wedge (and it is probably only 2.75 inches tall). So, it's a little bit easier to wear than a true heel. But I like to change up my heel heights from time to time. ;-) I'm glad that you like the outfit. I was hoping for a dress. But I knew that I would be more comfortable in pants and a top. Comfort after a long day of work will usually win. And nothing says party like a sparkly top. Merry Christmas to you, too!


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