One of those days!

Hi all! Do you every have one of those when everything is going right.  But my midday or early afternoon you just seem to lose steam and them everything is downhill from there?  Well, today is that day for me.  Nothing particularly bad happened.  I just need a serious nap and some R&R.  So, this will be a short post.  Be good to yourself this evening.  Watch some tennis (Australian Open - woohoo!)  Turn in early.  Have some hot chocolate.  Tomorrow is supposed to be another cold and wet day.  Burr!

This outfit is a combination of comfortable and stylish all in one.  I'm lucky that my office runs towards the casual, so I can get away with outfits like this.  Warm sweaters are awesome in the winter.  The print gives some life and interest to an otherwise plain and basic outfit.

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