My Very Green Crush

My Very Green Crush

I hope that you've had a fabulous St. Patrick's day.  I wanted to share some of my favorite green things.  Some of these lovelies are in my closet and others are on my wish list.  But I have been slowing amassing green items over the last few seasons.  This is a color that I generally shied away from because I did not own a lot of green or its complementary colors.  So, it always looked weird when I would wear something green.  But emerald and mint green have been drawing me in and I am finding it hard to resist.  So, I have taken the plunge in small doses.  And I really like what I have found.  I was over the moon when Pantone announced that Emerald green is the color of 2013.  And immediately, green offerings are everywhere to be found.  Thanks, Pantone.  My closet and jewelry box now love you.   Do you have any colors with which you are obsessed?  Is this a new find or and old friend?

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