Sunday OOTD - DST

Sunday OOTD - DST

Today was a one of those Sundays that I treasure.  I awakened to sunlight streaming into my window.  Luckily, I did not have any morning appointments.  I did not set my clock forward last night.  But with the wonders of modern technology, I remembered that Daylight Savings time has arrived.  Satellites and cellphones are a godsend.  I love this time of the year.  The days are longer.  The sun seems a little brighter.  And I am more productive.  Go figure!  I chucked the gym for an outdoor workout and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Later, I meet friends  to catch up on life.  Noshing on goodies was an added bonus.  I had my first macaroon today.  Citron macaroons are divine!  Moist, yummy goodness that I will have to seek out again.  I made a pit stop at the mall to kill time and avoid a headache as the traffic on the highway was going nowhere fast.  I made 2 lovely purchases and treated myself to a caramel macchiato.  I am officially hooked on this drink thanks to my BFF who loves this beverage.  And I am now home with a few items to check of my to do list before the work week begins.  All this with very warm temperatures and sunny skies. What's not to love.

Did you have a lovely Sunday?  How will you spend the extra daylight hours now that our clocks have sprung forward.  

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