Yoga - OOTD

Yoga - OOTD

So, I went to a yoga class this morning. Yay!  I met with W, who I have not seen in a few months.  And we stretched and reached our way through class this morning.  This was a good thing, really.  But why am I pooped and still refueling.  Ugh!  I needs more energy.  But I really like this outfit.  It's comfy and stylish and very comfortable.  The temp was quite chilly this morning and I am really glad that I went to the store yesterday to buy a smaller vest.  I bought large last week and the fit was off.  This is what happens when you try on something but can't find a full length mirror.  Don't ask.  I am currently rehabing my knee after a sudden bout of knee pain.  I am still waiting to find out my exact injury.  But this means that I have had to rework my wardrobe since I don't want to stand and walk around in heels possibly causing more injury and stress to my knee.  I'll be posting my recent attempts soon.  

So, how have you re-worked your wardrobe after a sudden life change?  Is it possible to stay stylish and follow the doctor's orders? 


  1. I have never tried yoga. It is offered for free at my gym so I may give it a whirl. I must say that I do like the outfit!

    1. Thanks, Karen. I started exploring yoga on the urging of a few friends. Attending classes with friends is fun. I continue to stick with yoga because it helps with my flexibility. I get a little more stiff each year. lol. And it helps me with stress relief. Consider trying it out with a few girlfriends. If nothing else, you'll laugh at all the poses you are trying to achieve.


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