OOTD 03 03 14

OOTD 03 03 14

I hope that everyone has recovered from our last storm.  I think that I am ready for spring.  But I am very glad to have some items in my closet that keep me warm, dry and toasty while battling the elements and shoveling my driveway.  These are items that I have picked up this fall/winter season.  I saw either function or value in each item.  Or I just fell in love with the item and had to take it home with me!  The latter is more likely.  But imagine my surprise, when these items actually became useful.  I have used them on more than one occasion and for more than shoveling snow.  A few winter races that were colder than I expected.  Or in a few outdoor training sessions when cabin fever began to set in.  And running around town or going to and from the gym as originally marketed.  Imagine that!  The Plush Tech Fusion pants are lined with fleece and do not overheat.  It keeps me at just the right level of toasty during outdoor activities.  The base runner top caught my eye back when I thought that running was still in my future.  I use it for walks outdoors in cool to colder weather and for indoor training.  The hiking boots I have had forever.  I bought then for a trip to Colorado many moons ago.  They are still holding strong.  The traction on these boots leaves me confident when I am trekking around in the snow or on a trail. Anyway, Lululemon and Athleta are worth their weight in gold for making such stylish and warm apparel.  I am excited for the warmer weather to appear and I can peel off the sleeves on my scuba jacket and convert it to a vest.  Divine!  Fleece is a very good thing.   

What are your cold weather tricks for staying warm during your outdoor activities?

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